Circular foldable shower and bath cabins

Velvet manufacturer of circular foldable shower and bath cabinets, with exclusive systems and designs with which we provide customized solutions.
Among the designs of circular shower cabins that we offer you can find the models: Ariel. 

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- The ARIEL model offers a wide range of customized solutions, capable of satisfying the most demanding tastes and needs.
- They are screens of great beauty and functionality, with finishes that surprise for their quality and high level of innovation.
- Circular cabin for shower or bathtub.
- Two fixed panels with expansion profiles and contrapuntas + 2 external opening doors.
- Transparent or screen-printed glass.
- All our products and their components pass a rigorous quality control, ensuring maximum durability, as well as a Post-sale service with all the guarantees.
- VELVET manufacturer of screens, symbol of maximum quality, with exclusive systems and designs.